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A friend of mine recommended RIDA to me based on his experience. I used it in the evening, a while after my dinner. Within an hour, my stomach started rumbling. I wondered if the name of the drug was quick-action, as the speed of action was fast.I decided not to go to the toilet yet because I wanted the drug to work very well. When it got very intense, I ran to the toilet. I was really surprised from the things I saw come out of my body.A lot of rubbish, fat and impurities came out. I felt very light. RIDA bitters is 'one in town', I highly recommend it.

Mrs Adetola Awe - Lagos Nigeria

Body Cleansing

Naturally, I am not an herbs person, so I don't take herbal products. However, when I saw RIDA, something in me said to give it a trial and I did. For a while, I have had this sharp pain just at the back of my ribs and it has been very uncomfortable.I took the regular dosage in the morning and night. By the time I woke up in the morning, I got up very strongly with the pain gone. This is a very effective product.

Mrs Asiri

Severe Body Pain


RIDA is very good for inner room activity, it activates the process and makes the enjoyment sweeter. Many women are out there, sex is no longer existing due to stress, emotional issues and for some childbearing, all reducing the desire to satisfy Oga. A trial will convince you. Save your marriage with RIDA !!!

Mrs Kemi

Increase Female Libido

I regularly breakdown with Malaria. I always felt this was because I am AA, plus the level of stress involved with my daily work. I have been taking RIDA frequently for a few weeks, and I am strong daily. Normally, I should have broken down with Malaria or Fever but I haven't, and the only thing I can attribute it to is my daily use of RIDA. Buy yours today and experience good health like I am doing.

Amanda - Benin Nigeria

Rida Bitters


"The Green Mondays opportunity has changed my Financial Story, over the years i have struggled with several financial burdens until i met my bosom brother who introduced me to this opportunity and today I'm not only financially comfortable, I have also completed my building and am now a House Owner.

Green Mondays Rocks!!!


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This is a God sent opportunity to Mankind, this opportunity gave me the priviledge to live my dreams, i have recieved all expense paid vacation to the United States of America, Dubai and South Africa on the laps of luxury through this great opportunity.

Thank you so much


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